Local rapper will go to any lengths to disagree with public opinion on mainstream music

A 20 year old Melbourne rapper and producer has come out crucifying the current global hip hop and rap scene — claiming ‘hip hop is dead’.

MC Dopebarz, who averages 25 views on his YouTube freestyle videos, says he’s one of a handful still producing ‘real hip hop’.

“Biggie, Tupac, Big L were doing it back in the 90s — now there’s just a small group of us left in the game,” Dopebarz said.

Colleagues who know Dopebarz from high school believe he gets thrills from demonising mainstream music.

“As soon as a song gets big, he’ll start picking it apart and saying how useless it is,” Tom, a former school colleague of Dopebarz said.

“On the other hand — no matter how shit, downtempo, boring or unpopular an old school hip hop track is, he’ll stubbornly insist it’s ‘dope’.”

But while Dopebarz claims he delivers the “illest bars down under”, his debut EP, I’m Finna be the Realest, got absolutely slammed on all forms of social media for simply being shit.

His critics say that every one of his songs starts with how he “wakes up in the morning”.

“I rap about reality — what it’s like to battle life everyday,” Dopebarz said.

When asked what he thought of Kendrick Lamar’s latest release, Damn, Dopebarz says he “misses his old shit”.

“No doubt some of it’s lyrical genius,” he said.

“But his early stuff remains the dopest.” 

Dopebarz is well-known to repeatedly say “I prefer their early shit” when asked about artists.

Featured Image (edited): jm3 | public domain | public domain



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