Male gym members flock to do bicep curls as hot girl approaches dumbbell rack

During Monday night’s post-work peak hour, male members of a Melbourne gym were seen racing to do bicep curls after an attractive female approached the dumbbell rack.

Nationwide research shows only one female per 45,685 males do their workout in front of the dumbbell rack, with most preferring to take their weights to a secluded area free of testosterone, grunting and body odour.

Gym regular, Angelo, 23, reckons he can lift a good five kilograms heavier when girls are in the vicinity.

“It’s rare to see fit birds head for the dumbbells and benches, especially while heaps of dudes are sweating it up,” Angelo said.

“But when it happens bruz — I swear to god — I suddenly become Hercules.”

Local university student, Julia, 20, says she feels very unwelcome whenever she trains away from the treadmills, bikes and rowing machines.

“I only head over to the dumbbell rack if it’s quiet,” she said.

“But every time I do, within minutes, up to 10 guys will start doing curls around me — I feel like Marty the zebra in that Madagascar movie when Alex the lion is chasing him around.”

Almost-fitness model and supplement store owner, Craig, 27, believes a special form of gym disunity exists.

“In gyms across the world, there seems to be this segregation between those who do cardio, and those who lift weights — it just so happens it’s often between girls and guys” he said.

“Neither group converse, relate nor share the same goals, producing this invisible line between the areas — if someone wanders from one section to the other it suddenly becomes a huge ordeal.”

Featured Image: John Voo | US Department of Defence



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