Pub’s new ‘Parmy & Pint’ deal a sure indicator it’s on the rocks

A pub located in South Adelaide is the latest to release a “Parmy & Pint” special, indicating its poor patron numbers and financial struggle.

The pub, the Prince of Belair, which has had the same menu for almost a decade and not undergone a renovation for over half a century, is dangerously close to becoming Adelaide’s latest hospitality-related casualty.

“On Mondays and Tuesdays this place is as dead as a dodo,” staff member, Tim said.

“I’ve heard rumours we may even start offering deals through Groupon — if we manage to stay alive.”

Hotel manager, Peter has reassured its handful of loyal senior members that the new special will bring life to the bistro.

“Bob, who’s been coming here for years, came to me with concern that schnitzels — a dish he doesn’t personally enjoy is now cheap — while the carvery has remained the same price,” he said.

“I had to politely inform him that the pub needs more than just him and his wife dining every Wednesday night to avoid going under.”

New research from the NPPF (National Predictor for Pubs that are Fucked), shows pubs will often release a desperate special following poor performance during the winter months.

Featured Image: Zonal|TripAdvisor



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