Nanna’s cooking shits on Mum’s, study confirms

A recent survey of households nationwide has found the meals Mum cook are actually just sub-par versions of the ones Grandma dishes up.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) survey found that while children may only receive Nan’s cooking once per fortnight, it still outperformed any dish cooked by Mum over the same period.

ABS senior analyst, Jenny Gratowitz found Grandma’s strong tendency to bake/roast was favourable among survey participants.

“A secret ingredient in Grandma’s home-baked meals remains a ‘sprinkle of love’, which helps explain their superior taste over other sources of food,” she said.

“Grandmas across Australia are also good at including shitloads of butter, milk, salt and cream to provide taste buds with a sense of warmth and comfort.”

Mother of three, Karen, 43, said while she used to love her grandma’s cooking – the survey fails to recognise the other tiresome tasks parents manage in addition to dinner.

“Yes the kids love anything my mum makes,” she said.

“But Grandma has all bloody day and night to come up with the goods.

I would’ve just picked up Brett and Jordan from soccer training after dropping Jasmine off at choir, be in the middle of doing a school wash – only to have a 20 minute window to quickly whip something up.”

While the ABS survey has left some mothers feeling unappreciated, it is proof that Grandma and her foil-covered crockery dish are welcome over at any time.

Featured Image: Listland | Creative Commons



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