Men who wear branded singlets, board shorts and Vans least likely to train legs, research suggests

A recent survey conducted by AASS (Australian Association of Strong Squatters) has shown that men between the ages of 16 and 26 who wear beach and street attire to the gym, are least likely to conduct a leg workout.

The research looked at members of 30 different 24-hour gyms across the nation, and found bicep curls, Smith machine-assisted bench press and sit-ups as the demographic’s preferred exercises.

Senior Analyst for AASS, John West, who squats 140kg for reps, believes it is a serious issue.

“It’s concerning to think these young males will not go near a power rack, but will happily do 10 sets of bicep curls, feel content and go home to consume their Musashi Bulk protein.

“They continuously live in denial by hiding their quads with long shorts or track pants.

South Australian Goodlife Gym member, Will Armstrong, 19, who was caught wearing trackies on a 40 degree day, claims that while he works chest and biceps twice a week, he does in fact use the leg press at least once every two months.

“Every now and then Ill [sic] jump on the leg press or that seat where you curl your legs upwards.

“I mean I can feel it, but I don’t understand the point. Nobody really sees your legs; Id [sic] prefer to have shredded arms.”

The AASS report also proves a direct correlation between those that don’t train legs and those that believe the bicep makes up 100 percent of the arm.

Follow up studies from partnering fitness research groups are currently underway.



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