Missing girl found at WOMADelaide completely unrecognisable

An Adelaide girl who was reported missing on Friday after a night out with friends was found at WOMADelaide wearing an unrecognisable headscarf, sarong and dreamcatcher earrings.

Sources say that the girl, Carly Edmond, had her phone drop to one percent battery while at the festival and was unable to upload a WOMADelaide Instagram post until the next morning.

Regardless, when her relieved parents finally saw the anticipated upload, they first thought someone had hacked her profile.

“Carly is a very conservative girl.

“She would normally be wearing something from Country Road, French Connection or Witchery and to see her not wearing any shoes and have her hair left curly was a complete shock; we thought it was someone else.”

Carly’s mother, Judith Edmond, said she should have known Carly was preparing for WOMADelaide.

“It always happens around this time every year.

“Carly starts listening to John Butler and the Cat Empire instead of her usual suspects like Kygo, the Chainsmokers and Ed Sheeran.

“I should have remembered she starts op shopping looking for outfits and not have contacted authorities so soon.”

Carly Edmund believes her parents need to stop being so protective and that the person she was at WOMADelaide is who she really is.

“WOMAD is just so worldly and everyone here is so mature.

“I feel like I can walk away from my everyday routine and genuinely connect with my spiritual side.”

SA Police Detective, Jon Burns said this is just one of many similar cases in Adelaide.

“The problem is the girls undergo such a dramatic and temporary transformation, which makes them unrecognisable to even their own families.

“One elderly lady called 000 reporting there was an imposter in her house.

“It was simply her granddaughter getting ready to see Dope Lemon at WOMADelaide.”

Judith Edmond said a week after the event, Carly is slowly reintegrating back into society.

“Carly went to ARGO on the Parade to have brunch with friends and bitch about her heavy study load three weeks into the semester.

“All is well and we are so glad to have our girl back.”

Image: Peter Tea



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