Elderly man drives 45km in 60 zones and rarely uses indicator

“I take the same route to my PO box and bank everyday. I shouldn’t have to indicate every time I turn a corner.”

These are the words of Burnside resident, Len Parker, 75, a man who claims his local roads are being taken over by p-platers and intimidating ladies in Mercedes, BMW and Jeep four-wheel drives.

“Driving down Greenhill Road at 10 in the morning is a nightmare”, Mr Parker insists.

“At the Portrush intersection there are flashing indicators going in all different directions and it’s awfully overwhelming.”

Burnside Newsagency store assistant, Jenny, said she serves Mr Parker almost everyday.

“He comes in and purchases his copy of The Australian everyday at half past 10 without fail.

“He often says how he is beeped around five times on the way to the store and reminds me to be wary of scams migrants and today’s youth are running.”

Burnside mum of two, Tammy, 38, who drives a Range Rover Evoque, said she gets stuck behind Mr Parker almost every Saturday morning en route to taking her daughter to a Norwood ballet school.

“I’m always in a hurry because I’ve often just dropped Jonny [my son] off at soccer.

“If that [Mr Parker’s] little white car pulls out of Tusmore Avenue and cuts me off, I have the right to let him know about it.”

Mr Parker also expresses fondness for the Howard Government, the 2003 invasion of Iraq — and intolerance for social media and the internet.

“I’m frustrated that I can no longer call my local Chinese bistro and lodge complaints over the phone regarding the Entertainment Book discounts.

“My granddaughters tell me I have to sign up to Facebook and enquire online.”

Image: Artis Rams



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