Camp Cope is simply a female version of the Smith Street Band, cynical Triple J listener insists

The rise of the likes of the Smith Street Band and Courtney Barnett, who produce alternative sounds based around relaxed, rambling vocals, is inspiring what seems a new generation of Australian music.

Triple J listener and renowned cynic from Melbourne’s Fitzroy community, Henderson Whiteley, believes Camp Cope, a Melbourne three-piece band, has taken it too far by simply copying and pasting the Smithies.

“We see it in mainstream pop culture.

“Demi Lovato steals samples, Kanye has resorted to buying tracks, exhibit A — Panda, and well originally when I heard the Catfish and the Bottlemen, I thought the Kooks had released a new album.”

Mr Whiteley has been known to criticise artists for producing ‘four chord songs’ with time signatures of 4/4.

He describes Camp Cope’s sound as ‘the Smithies with more cymbals and rambling social commentary’.

“I swear to god, Camp Cope are just exploiting the Smithies sound, one poetic real-life lyric at a time.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing local Aussie tunes.

“But come on, only Angus Stone can pull off the vocal ramble.”

Image: Ccho



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