Detained refugees now allowed to roam ‘beautiful’ Manus Island for 30 minutes a day

In April 2016, the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea ruled that the detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island was illegal and demanded its closure.

Almost a year later, PNG’s Chief Justice has found the Manus Island detention centre to be closed, despite the fact that roughly 860 men remain in it.

Officials have successfully swept everything under the rug by rebranding the detention centre as part of the Manus Island naval base.

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton confirmed that the centre no longer exists.

“There are still 860 men detained in the centre, but the PNG Chief of Justice found it closed.

“Let’s not spend too much time debating how it can be closed when there are refugees still detained — there are far more important issues, namely fighting against same-sex marriage and ensuring the Liberal Party continues to receive donations.”

The PNG court also found that the 860 men are no longer detained as they are free to leave the centre to discover Manus Island’s abundant and beautiful attractions during the day.

One refugee, who would prefer to remain anonymous, gave an insight into his day exploring the island.

“I was released from the centre for 30 minutes and was given a small brochure on Manus Island’s attractions.

“One was the detention centre itself, the other was the beach and lastly there was a rainforest.

“I can’t swim and the rainforest was five kilometres from our camp.”

Minister Dutton admits a contrast exists between the Manus Island coastline and Sydney’s Bondi Beach | Images (left to right) | Green MPs | AndyM5855

Minister Dutton admits that the Manus Island beaches aren’t quite up to scratch of those on Australia’s east coast, but reminds detainees that they will soon be flying Emirates to the United States.

“Soon the refugees won’t have to deal with our government’s negligence for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and dodgy arguments against the right to seek asylum on Australian shores.

“I’ve told a group of the Emirates cabin supervisors to give detainees a round of Jacob’s Creek reds on the house, courtesy of my ministerial office and the Australian Government.”

Most detainees will be unable to take up Minister Dutton’s generous offer due to their faith prohibiting the consumption of alcohol.

Others may decline the offer due to the horrid taste of the mass-produced wine.

Featured Image: Eoin Blackwell




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