Eastern Suburbs woman publicly shamed for ordering the ‘house white’

A pub located in Adelaide’s East, is the last place you’d expect conflict and savagery to occur.

But last weekend, 38yearold Norwood resident, Jane Hewitt, was publicly disgraced by her own group of girlfriends.

The shaming occurred following Hewitt’s purchase of the pub’s house sauvignon blanc.

One of Hewitt’s closest friends, Abigail Johnson, claimed she saw Hewitt completely ignore the wine list prior to asking for the house drop.

“I saw her skip over Shaw and Smith, Jansz, and Bird in Hand Sparkling — instead opting for the house wine,” Johnson said.

“I couldn’t control my jaw from dropping — I was absolutely bemused.”

The bar manager on duty, Dale, who served the drink, said at the time he found the order somewhat conspicuous.

“It’s very rare to see people in this area under the age of 65, not select our more premium beverages,” he said.

“I had to ask the customer [Hewitt] a couple of times before realising she wasn’t after Shaw and Smith or a New Zealand sav.”

Hewitt allegedly carried her beverage over to her friends’ table only to be greeted with loud snickers and abrasive insults.

“I approached the girls and they were all drinking wine from the Adelaide Hills,” Hewitt said.

“After I mentioned I had just bought the house wine, they wouldn’t stop carrying on.”

Hewitt said she felt ‘isolated’ and ‘marginalised’, as the group of ladies continued to compare their latest Coles shopping adventure and after-school sushi runs.

“I just felt like I didn’t belong — I hadn’t been out with the girls for ages and I forgot what it was like.

“As soon as Abby started complaining about her side of haloumi being overcooked, I was ready to go home.”

Scene of the crime: Bystanders say the shaming was ‘truly savage’ | Image: Newtown Graffiti 

Featured Image: Petras Gagilas



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