It is impossible to eat rice with chopsticks, Aussie Dad claims

After a weeknight dinner with the missus and the kids at one of Melbourne’s renowned Chinese eateries, Footscray resident, Peter, 34, finally came to the conclusion that chopsticks were not designed for eating rice.

“The kids were starving and we were trying to be in and out. I had to be up early for a job up north,” Peter said.

“I ordered honey chicken, sweet and sour pork, greens and rice — the usual suspects.”

Peter claims ‘there was not a fork or spoon in sight’ when the meals arrived.

“I was dying for a spoon, I would’ve settled for a fork — but nup the missus insisted that it was rude to ask.

“Far out — have you ever lifted one grain of rice into your mouth at a time?”

On departing the restaurant, Peter said he will take the positives from the ‘fair dinkum’ Asian experience.

“Ah well, I guess it’s good culinary exposure for the kids,” Peter said.

“No doubt they’ll need the skills when they’re backpacking around Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand on their gap year.”

Featured Image: Dana Lipárová




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