Cafe fined after its lattes and flat whites were deemed identical

An Adelaide cafe found guilty of making flat whites, lattes and even cappuccinos as the same coffee, has been ‘deceiving’ customers by using different glassware and chocolate powder to differentiate the beverages, a magistrate has found.

“It’s a disgraceful act that is only deemed fit in that of a fast food restaurant, petrol station or Asian eatery,” the magistrate said.

The cafe was supposedly “stitched up” after a regular overheard a senior barista mentoring a newly appointed trainee.

“It’s the same shit just in a different glass,” the barista was overheard saying.

The cafe’s owner, Sandra, 33, warns customers all cafes follow the same practice.

“It’s totally unfair for us to be accused of something all baristas do,” Sandra said.

“The entire fast-paced coffee-making ecosystem needs to be investigated — don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

Additionally the cafe was found using skinny milk across an order, even when only one of the coffees was requested skinny.

Featured Image: Alper Çuğun




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