Old mate concerned after his mid-strength beer appears ‘dark and fruity’

A local worker slammed a recently renovated pub in Adelaide’s south, after he was served a ‘dubiously craft mid-strength beer’.

Yesterday plumber, John, 40, and his colleagues entered the pub and proceeded to ask the penultimate lunchtime question: “got any middys on tap mate?”.

“The young fella behind the bar said he had a 3.8 percent beer or some shit,” John said.

“At the time I thought you beaut, gimme one a those [sic].”

Witnesses say John told the bartender that he wanted to pay separately to the other boys while dropping coins all over the shop as he fumbled his wallet out of his torn jeans.

John was not prepared for what was to come next — as what seemed to be a dark ale was placed upon the bartop.

“I remember saying ‘hang on bud, I asked for a middy not some fancy, fruity shit’,” John said.

“I took a sip and mate — if I wanted a fucking cocktail, I would have asked for one.”

The bartender, Lachie, 19, says he proceeded to deliver his usual spiel, followed by a cheeky wink.

“I gave my pre-rehearsed speech about how Rogers is a mid-strength beer from Little Creatures — it’s an amber ale, with fruity and toasty notes and that they’ve done really well to keep the full flavour in tact while reducing the ABV,” Lachie said.

“It’s what we’re taught to say to all new customers.”

John’s colleagues, who had spotted Carlton Mid stubbies in the fridge just seconds before John’s order described the incident as ‘a ripper stitch up’.

John was even more surprised when asked what the damage was on the beverage.

“$10.50 for a pint of mid-strength — that’s a bloody highway robbery,” he said.

The owner of the pub, Shane, 42, says the beverage market is leaning towards a new age of low-alcoholic beers.

“Unfortunately current beer-production trends are skewed towards younger crowds who desire low-strength but full-flavoured beers to sustain their Sunday seshs,” the pub’s owner said.

“It doesn’t give much to traditional drinkers who just want to drink some watered-down piss.”

Featured Image (clockwise from top left): Shirokazan | Wonderlane | Sam Cavenagh



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