Student’s flights home to Tasmania cost more than best mate’s entire Japan snow trip

Last month’s Easter break brought contrasting experiences for two University of Sydney students both originally from Hobart.

Jono, 20, decided to live it up in some of Japan’s most renowned ski resorts, while Nick, 21, flew home to visit his family in Tassie.

The round trip cost Nick upwards of $1,000 in just airfares and Jono couldn’t bloody believe it.

“The poor cobber had to break the bank to fly Jetstar — one of life’s great contradictions,” Jono said.

“Meanwhile, I was about to shotgun my fourth can of Asahi for the day and shred some sweet Japanese pow pow.”

The two best mates, who had a post-high school realisation that there was fuck all to do in Tassie, moved to the ‘mainland’ last year to study.

Nick says the airfares are just one reason he resents trips back home.

“It’s a good 10 degrees colder than the rest of the country, which only rubs salt into the wound,” Nick said.

“And apart from the Salamanca Markets and Mobius, a dingy sticky-floored nightclub which smells of feet and Cascade Lager — it’s pretty fucking boring.”

Nick’s girlfriend Millie, 19, a born-and-bred Cronulla girl — who only just travelled outside the borders of Sydney for the first time last year — still can’t fathom that Tasmania is actually part of Australia.

“Nick always dismisses me whenever I try to ask him what it was like to come to Australia from overseas — a foreign place,” Millie said.

“I wonder what language they speak at home … Tasmanian I guess.”

Featured Image (from left to right [edited]): Drew Bates | lasta29Florida National University



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