Girlfriend confronts her man after Messenger showed he was active five minutes before he replied to text

An Adelaide woman has shockingly revealed she received a reply from her boyfriend five minutes after he was active on Facebook messenger.

Chantelle, 25, a local nail technician, says she was ‘utterly offended’ and ‘severely distressed’ by the incident.

“I was so worried — who knows where he could’ve been or what he was doing,” Chantelle said.

“He may’ve been working out without me, or even worse — not thinking about me.”

Just moments after her boyfriend, Luke sent his reply, he received a concerned phone call from his infuriated missus.

“She rang and was very quiet at first — just asking the usual like how my day’s been,” Luke said.

“But it wasn’t long before she exploded — I was then interrogated about my whereabouts during the last five minutes.”

Luke claimed that his phone happened to be in another room and that he was getting changed out of his work gear.

There was no way Chantelle was going to fucking put up with this.

“So what — when we have our two kids — one boy, one girl — and he prioritises Facebook over his family — how will it work?” Chantelle said.

“I just can’t even … [sobbing].”

Luke says that after just two weeks of seeing each other the last thing he is thinking about his having children.

Featured Image: Public Domain



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