“Carn … have you ever seen an Asian tradie?”: Bill Shorten defends Labor’s ad campaign

Lashings via social media and other mainstream news haven’t deterred Labor leader Bill Shorten, who remains adamant he incorporated diversity in the party’s new ad campaign.

Shorten asks viewers to closely analyse each individual in the ad.

“One tradie’s wearing khaki cargo pants, with cuffed ankles no doubt — another has his cap backwards. Tell me this isn’t diversity for crying out loud,” Shorten said.

“Carn … have you ever met an Asian tradie? The ad merely reflects realistic Australian society.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 2.59.31 pm
Does Bill Shorten have a point? These two tradesman are wearing completely different colours and have their caps different ways | Image: Channel 9

Shorten says he also took ‘change of season’ and the assortment of fashion trends it brings, into account.

“It’s the time of year where some blokes will be wearing shorts, others pants — some sheilas will choose to wear stockings, while some won’t,” Shorten said.

“As you can see the ad incorporates these notions of diversity.”

Proud Aussie, Darryl, 56, who can be easily identified by the barbed wire tattoo across his bicep, is part of the small minority defending the ad.

“It’s full of white people, but at least it’s not full of shit,” Darryl said.

“If you don’t like the ad, go back to where you came from!”

While Newtown resident, Skye, 27, is white and owns a successful naturopathic business, she found the ad humiliating.

“It offends me as a vegan hipster atheist who vapes and crossfits four times a week,” Skye said.

“Where is our representation? The ad blatantly denies veganism.

“… did I say I was vegan?”

When notified that ‘veganism’ does not represent one’s race or physical appearance, Skye labelled our reporter a ‘dirty, cheating pescatarian’ before proceeding to launch broccoli stems around her King Street store.

Featured Image: Channel 9



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