Cafe attempts to make cappuccino hot enough to satisfy elderly couple

After ordering two cappuccinos extra weak, extra hot and in mugs, an elderly Burnside couple were left bemused after their coffees arrived barely burning the tips of their tongues.

Maggie, 79 and Bryce, 83, say they had to ask three times until their coffees were finally served at the desired temperature.

“My goodness,” Maggie said.

“I paid extra for a mug and they had to remake my coffee three times — what on earth were they doing back there?”

Barista, Mike says the couple epitomises the cliental who sabotage authentic coffee making.

“We have a state-of-the-art espresso machine, which helps us serve steamed milk at the perfect temperature to enhance both the textural and aromatic experience, ” Mike said.

“Quite often I find myself burning the shit out of milk just for cranky old bastards —  which contradicts my prestigious five-day Master Barista education.”

Mike says Maggie and Bryce’s case issued a long and tedious process.

“I first steamed the milk to shreds — look here — you can actually see the burn on my thumb,” he said.

“After they complained a second time, I took the coffees to the kitchen. The chefs threw them in the oven at 200 degrees for five minutes, before I took them out the back and fired up the blowtorch.”

Bryce admits he and his wife didn’t even try the coffees the first two times — they felt the mug was ‘luke warm’ and proceeded to complain.

“If the mug isn’t hot then you can be sure as hell the coffee isn’t,” Bryce, the stupid old fart chuckled.

“I also demand the 40 cent mug tax to be reimbursed — it’s just another way for society to punish seniors.”

An additional study found that 100 percent of people who order long blacks with hot milk on the side will complain that the milk on the side isn’t hot enough.

Featured Image (edited): Tom KershawTim Abbott | theilr



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