Uncanny correlation between celebs bleaching hair and career slumps, research finds

Celebrities who bleach their hair blonde are most likely enduring a career slump, stage of severe unpopularity or lack of limelight, a study by the University of Hollywood found.

In recent years Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have been the latest victims of the craze.

University of Hollywood head of celebrity research, Dr Simpson, believes the act of peroxiding one’s hair is comparable to raising the white flag, which signifies to all the intent to surrender.

“When one bleaches their hair, they’re clutching at straws,” Dr Simpson said.

“From our extensive research, Eminem is the only celeb who was able to utilise the look to positive effect.”

Celebrity observer, Jewels Jenkins, says while Bieber, Cyrus and Perry are extreme examples — there are notable cases of celebs whipping out the peroxide when other parts of their life were in tatters.

“Look — Miley, Biebs and Katy all embellished the look after realising their career was turning to shit,” Jenkins said.

“But even if we look at say Becks, Lionel Messi or Zayn — the bleaching of their hair displays that something else was obviously going wrong in their life.”

Jenkins admits Messi’s decision caused ripples of shock around the footballing world.

“It was surprising to say the least — but I think you’ll find it was simply a case of Leo trying to prove his fashion sense was at the same level as his footballing skill,” he said.

“Living in the shadow of Cristiano in the looks department is obviously troubling the man.”

Pop diva, Katy Perry admits a fall from the spotlight has forced her to produce music based on sexual innuendos as well as shave and dye her hair.

“I was receiving very little attention,” Perry said.

“Like all good pop stars, I resorted to cutting my hair, producing pseudo-hip hop records and wearing bugger all in my music videos.”

Featured Image: public domain



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