Man dubiously buys himself top-shelf scotch while ordering the missus a house bubbles behind her back

Last weekend an Adelaide man allegedly bought himself a top-shelf whisky, while getting his wife a house bubbles, much to the bar staff’s disarray.

It was reported that while his missus popped to the loo after politely requesting a glass of ‘Jansz’, Michael, 41, proceeded to order himself a $20 nip of Chivas Regal 18YO and a $6 glass of mass-produced sparkling piss behind the old girl’s back.

“I remember saying to the bloke ‘I’m pretty sure she wanted Jansz’ — and he was quick to deny it,” bartender, Tom said.

“He was like ‘nah nah nah a house bubbles will do son’.”

On receiving her drink, Michael’s wife, Liz was quick to pick up the poor quality.

“It was absolutely atrocious,” Liz said.

“I told Michael ‘I can’t drink this — it definitely hasn’t got the clean bubbles of Jansz’ … and he gave me this really guilty look.”

Michael soon began sweating profusely from his forehead but says he managed to fumble the receipt out of his pocket.

“Fark [sic] — she was on to me,” Michael said.

“I showed her the round cost $26 and therefore it must have been Jansz.”

But the receipt wasn’t enough confirmation for Liz, who was determined she and her husband had been stitched up.

Bartender, Tom says it wasn’t long before the Pandora and Mimco-wearing private school Mum greeted him with a look of disgust.

“She came up to the bar and yelled ‘what in God’s name is this, some sick joke? The whole pub turned around,” Tom said.

“I printed off the itemised receipt … and the rest is history.”

The remainder of the glass’s contents ended up drenching Michael’s face before Liz stormed out of the premises.

Other customers overheard Michael mutter “not the worst result”, as he ventured towards the TAB.

Featured Image: Public Domain



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