Dilemma in the park: Mates go for a kick of footy but no one brings the footy

A group of amateur footy players took it upon themselves to head down to the local park and lace a few on a quiet Thursday afternoon.

Dazza, 22, Macca, 21 and Jimmy, 21 — who have all deferred their commerce degrees and collectively work 20 hours a week at their part-time shelf-replenishing supermarket jobs — sought to change up their weekly routine.

“I messaged the boys and asked who was keen for a kick,” Dazza said.

“A couple of the fellas were really keen as long as it led to a cutla [sic] beers.”

It wasn’t until Dazza went into the garage that problems started to arise — while he found an old Sherrin, he realised it was punctured after dusting off the cobwebs.

But Dazza assumed that the other boys would be onto bringing a footy.

“I was a bit devo but I knew the odds were one of the fellas had a red pill or two.”

An hour later the boys arrived at the ground — footy boots in one hand and homebrand water bottle in the other.

They soon came to the terrible realisation that no one had brought a footy.

“I thought Jimmy was bringing the footy,” Macca said.

Jimmy thought otherwise.

“I thought Dazza was bringing the footy — he organised the kick,” Jimmy said.

The boys reportedly stood around their cars for an hour and a half before eventually deciding to head to Macca’s to get on the piss and save their legs for next Thursday.

Featured Image (edited): public domain


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