Complaints filed against cranky old codger who loves hogging machines

Regulars at an Adelaide gym have lodged official complaints to their gym’s head office regarding a ‘frustrating old bloke’, who hogs multiple machines and weights during his workouts.

The man in question, Bruce, 75, who reps the same gym attire all week — New Balance velcro shoes and a navy tracksuit — is renowned for sitting on the fly machine while yelling at people who go to use another machine in its vicinity.

“Oi sorry but I’m using that champ,” he reportedly yelled from the other side of the room, as he continued to do a set on a completely different machine.

“Got a couple more sets, sport.”

Gym regular and almost-fitness model, Chris, 22, says no matter what gym he trains at, there’s always a ‘Bruce’.

“These fucking characters,” Chris said.

“There’s literally no chance to do anything when they’re around — they spend their time jumping from machine to machine — I swear they don’t know what a ‘set’ even means.”

Chris soon realised he wasn’t the only person upset about the whole situation and started gathering signatures for a petition to ban ‘super sets’ conducted by gym members older than 60.

A spokesperson from the gym says they have received the petition and will come to a conclusion once everybody invests in a 12-month lock-in contract and invites their friends to like the gym’s Facebook page.

Featured Image: Bored Bug



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