University student with average GPA loves clinging on to ATAR

While a high ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) seemed the epitome of success during the latter years of high school, it’s not until six months into university that Year 12 graduates realise how irrelevant it becomes.

But Adelaide University student, Cassie, 22, who is soon to graduate with a law and commerce double, has no problem with dropping her ATAR, which is now four years old, into conversation.

“The law component of my double has caused my GPA to be very average,” Cassie said.

“So I just tell everybody my ATAR.”

Cassie recently underwent job interviews at law firms around the country — and she didn’t hesitate to whip out her ATAR.

Deloitte senior recruiter Brett, 47, had no bloody idea what the acronym meant before he interviewed Cassie.

“I said to her ‘look I have to admit you don’t have any experience and your GPA isn’t flash’,” he said.

“And she was like ‘yeah nah but I got an ATAR of 95.25’.”

Unfortunately for Cassie, Brett could not offer her a job on the basis that she excelled at home economics and drama in Year 12.

He did however wish her “all the best with the job search” and told her to “have a good one” before hiring his best mate’s older brother’s son.

Featured Image: public domain



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