Old bloke loses the plot when told XXXX Gold is the only Aussie beer available on flight

An Adelaide man has been left in a coma following a shocking incident on a Qantas flight from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Bob, 74, went into a shock which perpetuated into further health complications after an air hostess informed him XXXX Gold was the only local beer available on the flight.

Already sour at the fact his complimentary ham and salad sandwich contained beetroot, it wasn’t long before Bob became overwhelmed by the news.

“Wait, so no Pale?” he cried.

“Coopers Pale?”

The hostess says all she could do was agree with how shit XXXX Gold is.

“I acknowledged his query and completely understood why he was upset that XXXX is representing Qantas as the Australian beer of choice,” she said.

“It’s piss poor form from us.”

Bob went into internal shutdown, but his wife, Beth, 70, says this regularly occurs when they visit pubs that don’t carry Coopers’ beer.

“Ever since he was 12, Bobby hasn’t drunk anything but Coopers — it runs through his veins,” she said.

Bob, who was admitted into a Melbourne hospital just after touchdown, says he misses his shed fridge of Pale stubbies and can’t wait to get home.

“It was a big call for us to spend the long weekend in Melbourne — away from pubs that unlikely have Coopers on tap,” he said.

“But what’s keeping me going is the fact that I’ll be reunited with my bottle-fermented beers soon.”

Featured Image (edited): public domain



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