A case of ‘Namaste-itis’: White girl cannot stop saying namaste following trip to find herself

An Australian private school graduate has returned covered head to toe in henna along with many other pseudo-hippie traits after her five-day solo journey to Nepal.

Olivia, 19, the once Sass and Bide wearing clean-cut blonde, says she has a gained a wealth of experience from her five-day trip — she is now a more “worldly character”.

“Apart from wearing Birkenstocks and sarongs everyday — and saying namaste every time I open my mouth — I feel like I’ve really opened my mind,” she said.

“Can you feel that breeze? That’s your spirit telling you, you must nurture your temple. Namaste.”

Olivia now explicitly refers to her body as a “temple”.

Her best friend Hannah, who has a trip to Brunei lined up this summer, says she can’t wait to become more cultured like Olivia.

“I’m looking forward to naturally getting blonde streaks through my hair and taking photos with poor little rural kids for my insta,” Hannah said.

“They’re the sorts of things I struggle to do here.”

Hannah says she was battling to pick her travel destination but eventually chose Brunei after noticing how small and indie-as-fuck it was.

“I can’t wait to get home and tell people ‘yeah so I just got back from Brunei’ only for them to be like ‘where?’ and getting to talk about how unique I am,” she said.

According to Australian naturopath, Dr Hudson, there is a clinical term for the travel bug these girls return home with.

“It can be diagnosed as ‘Namaste-itis’ — a condition primarily affecting white girls who have never been overseas before,” Dr Hudson said.

“They will quite often have a history of private schooling and periods in which they have gone in and out of veganism and vegetarianism.”

Families are warned of the rapid increase in Namaste-itis cases.

They are recommended to ensure they limit how much shit their daughters talk when they return home from their travels — it is contagious and can infect other girls.

Featured Image: Public Domain



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