Sam Newman officially loses the plot after claiming victim of ageism and sexism

The Footy Show host, Sam Newman, has expressed interest in joining Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives after an incident where he suffered “discrimination”.

Newman was recently dubbed “out of touch” and “politically incorrect” by Geelong’s Patrick Dangerfield in which he responded by labelling Dangerfield ageist and sexist.

“I feel discriminated against as an old, privileged white male in Australian secular society,” Newman said.

“Danger said the only person he likes on the show is Bec, who is politically correct and provides fair comment — I mean how ageist and sexist.”

Newman is the first privileged white Australian male to feel like he’s been on the end of sexism.

And Cory Bernardi says he’s looking forward to working with Newman on “common sense” and controversial issues facing men.

“We dish out a lot of shit to all sorts — migrants, indigenous, gays and especially women — there’s no problem with that,” Bernardi said.

“The problem comes when someone says one little thing about a privileged white Australian male — it’s unacceptable.

“We’re seeing a growing trend in us [white men] struggling through a life of segregation and discrimination.”

Young Aussie leftie, Tim, 25, thinks Newman is absolutely off his rocker and simply can’t take anything.

“Yeah for sure he loves dishing it out — even when it’s extremely offending and politically incorrect,” he said.

“But he visibly can’t be on the other end — what a bloody hypocritical nuisance.”

Featured Image: Herald Sun



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