Owner shockingly decides not to name new Indian restaurant after the Taj Mahal

An Indian restaurant in Adelaide’s north has defied logic, naming itself after something other than the Taj Mahal.

While it seems an unspoken rule for most South Asian restaurants to call themselves along the lines of Taj Palace, Tandoori Taj, The Castle of Taj or Taj Indian House, owner of this new restaurant, Kumar, 40, went for something a little more edgy.

“I went for ‘Saffron’ because I think it describes our dishes very well,” he said.

“It was either that, ‘Kumar’s Curry House’ or ‘The Taj Kingdom’.”

While Kumar first thought the name was original and authentic, according to a global survey, Saffron is the 541,737th Indian restaurant worldwide to be called “Saffron”.

Additionally, further studies found that generally, oriental restaurants struggle to produce original names for their eateries.

In fact the report found 90 per cent of Chinese restaurant names contained either the words “wok”, “chow”, “golden dragon” or “the great”, while 85 per cent of Japanese restaurants were called “Sakura”.

Featured Image: Ming Tong | Public Domain



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