Obnoxious bloke goes out of way to order crafties while his mates split jugs

Friends of an Adelaide man have exposed his obnoxious behaviour of ordering high-end beers.

While his mates frantically attempt to divide jugs of the cheapest beer, Andrew, 23, is notoriously known to separately order individual craft stubbies.

“I don’t drink mainstream lagers,” he said.

“And I only drink beers out of the bottle.”

Andrew’s best mate, Jimmy, says it’s a pain in the ass when Andrew comes out.

“Fuck me,” he said.

“It just makes sense to split a $10 jug of Coopers Lager? But nup [sic], apparently he only drinks Mismatch or Stone and Wood.”

Andrew is also known for rotating his blue and white Ralph Lauren button-up shirts with his wardrobe of beige chinos.

He also has a strong hatred for drinking games.

“I actually like sipping and enjoying the complexity of the hops in my beer,” he said.

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

Featured Image: Public Domain | Stone and Wood



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