Man who accidentally cracked yolk before it hit the pan forced to take it on the chin

Following a monstrous night out, a group of Adelaide blokes managed to rise out of bed by 3pm on the Sunday afternoon.

As per usual, the consensus was to immediately devour some eggs on toast.

Jerry was designated the task of cracking the eight eggs into the pan — but while initially confident, he managed to accidentally pierce a yolk in the process.

“Fuck, my bad boys,” he said.

“I’ll take that one.”

It’s a universally renowned custom for one to designate an egg to themselves if they were the one to accidentally spoil the yolk.

In fact, recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that nine out of 10 culprits will fess up and unwillingly eat the spoiled egg.

And Jerry, who was utterly disappointed at his failure, believes there was no other option but to delegate the egg to himself.

“You have a lot to lose when you put your hand up to fry the eggs,” he said.

“If you fuck it up, you have to take in on the chin — it’s a social expectation.”

In order to avoid spoiled yolks and general embarrassment when cooking in larger quantities, the ABS recommend scrambling as a smarter and safer option.

Featured Image: Public Domain



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