Local cricketer whips out a kashmir willow leaving opposition in hysterics

A specialist number 11 has left an opposition team in hysterics after he came out to the middle with a freshly painted kashmir willow bat over the weekend.

Timothy, 25, who plays in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association C2 Grade competition is notoriously known for gracing a fluorescent set of whites and gear that fitted him well before his teenage growth spurt.

But he claims, the bat, a bright orange Puma marketed as an Adam Gilchrist replica, “does the job”.

“They come off pretty well in the nets, especially off the spinners,” Timothy, who struggles to hit anything over 100kmph, said.

“Of course as a lower order bat, I rarely get a chance to use it in the game.”

Opposition captain, Craig, 43, who was born into a Gray-Nicolls family, said he has never witnessed such “absolute scenes”.

“As a captain you feel pretty confident when a bloke comes out with pads up to his knees, a thigh guard on the outside of his whites and a bat straight out of Rebel Sport,” he chuckled.

“Most cricketers graduate from kashmir to english willow at around the age of 12.

“It’s weird to think there are blokes out there that think it is acceptable to go and spend $60 on a cricket bat.”

During the match, Timothy edged a ball pitched on leg stump through the slips cordon, before backing away exposing all three pegs and french cutting the subsequent delivery to fine leg.

He was clean bowled the next delivery.

Prior to going out to bat, Timothy reminded his teammates that he has never once knocked in his bat.




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