Man breaks awkward taxi silence by bringing up the weather

After a solid five minutes of sitting at the same set of lights, a local accountant finally managed to break the deathly silence in his cab.

“Fuck it’s been hot lately hasn’t it mate,” Paul, as he sweated bullets in his suit, said to the cabbie.

“And these winds from the north are a bit odd at this time of year.”

His comments came after already letting out multiple sighs, winding the window up and down, tapping the side of the car and readjusting his tie for the fourth time.

For Paul, the tension in the taxi had become too much — and like most good passengers he safely resorted to talking about the weather.

“It must be climate change like everyone says aye,” Paul mumbled with a fake laugh.

As the conversation regarding the weather faced an inevitable death, the Adelaide accountant knew he still had a good 10 minutes left before reaching his Magill home.

In a fight to transform the peak-hour trip conversation, Paul put his head down and dug really deep.

“So … you been driving cabs for long then mate?” he asked.

According to reports, Paul also managed to extract the taxi driver’s thoughts on ride-sharing platform, Uber and gather whether he had endured a busy day.

Featured Image: Creative Commons



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