“Meat pies and sausage rolls are life”: Self-proclaimed millennial vegetarian

An Adelaide eastern suburbs girl who recently turned vegetarian has shockingly revealed she still eats the occasional meat pie and sausage roll.

Ema (with one m), 19, initially turned vegetarian in attempts to woo fellow Falls Festival-goers and gain more instagram followers.

But she wasn’t prepared for some of the sacrifices she was expected to make.

“I really don’t see meat pies or sausage rolls as going against my new diet … and oh my god bacon,” she said.

“I mean it’s not like real meat is it?”

Ema also claims that when she’s six or seven vodka lime sodas down on a Saturday night out, her will to remain vegetarian decreases.

“When you’re drunk you make bad decisions we all know this,” she said.

“And when it’s 3am on Hindley Street and you’ve just walked out of Super Cali — it’s hard to ignore Maccas right on the corner.”

Devoted vegan, animal rights activist and nonconformist, Tigerlily, 34, who runs an all-natural online shampoo business is disgusted by the rapid rise of casual vegetarians — also known as “flexitarians”.

“Put it this way,” she said.

“If you’re not adding up in your head how much iron or protein your body is getting from frying up dry slabs of tofu and mushrooms — then you’re not a genuine vego.”

Ema said that since returning from Falls she realised going vegetarian was a poor idea.

“I probably averaged about 20 more likes a photo with the vegetarian hashtag,” she said.

“But I’m not sure how much longer I could’ve dealt with the expense of ordering smashed avo at every brunch.”

Featured image: Wesley Fryer | Creative Commons



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