Adelaideans who have had Royal Croquet Club and the Garden on heavy rotation prepare for the worst

As three weeks of Adelaide’s only festivities and nightlife have already passed, local citizens are beginning to prepare for the tumbleweed which will once again flow through the parklands and onto the city’s streets.

During the months of February and March or “Mad March” — South Australia rolls its slow, big country town reputation under the rug and seemingly comes to life as the state attempts to pack all its potential fun into a single five-week block.

Besides Adelaide Oval’s December test cricket match, it’s the only time of the year when people from all parts of the world (from Salisbury to Burnside) come together in unity to share the same social spaces.

For the majority of young Adelaideans, an informal weekend circuit is established between the Royal Croquet Club, the Garden of Unearthly Delights and Gluttony — three areas that allow youths to throw away their part-time earnings on paper cups filled with spiced rum, Pimm’s and whatever else sounds appealing to the stereotypical “vodka-lemonade (no ice)” drinking folk.

One university student Mitch, 22, has only just begun coming to terms with the fact that the Fringe Festival will not last forever.

“The dark days will return,” he said.

“And I will be forced to retreat to Hindley.”

When March 18 hits and the lights go out, Adelaideans will unfortunately wake up to a city that closes at 5pm each evening.

In the anticipation of the inevitable comedown, South Australia’s leading psychologist is warning Adelaideans to ensure they prepare themselves

“I recommend that the people of Adelaide begin reintroducing their usual weekend activities as a method of weaning down from the adrenaline Mad March provides,” Flinders University psychologist, Dr Robert Schneiderlinkovsky said.

“It may be difficult for some to come to terms with — but even one beer at your local, a stroll up Lofty, or returning to your favourite Chinese takeaway joint will go a long way in relieving the initial pain instigated come the month of April.”

Featured image: ABC | Jez Arnold





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