Nightclub fiend irritates DJ by dropping well-known music facts

A young man who appeared “fairly off his chops” was pestering a local DJ by yelling music facts and advice from across the turntables, according to latest reports.

Adelaide student Brad, 21, who prides himself on his musical knowledge and sub-par DJ skills, was being an “absolute pest” according to bystanders who were attempting to enjoy the vast array of bangers.

“Oi boss can you play some Major Lazer … in other words Diplo?” Brad was heard saying to the DJ.

“Cause they’re the same guy you know [winks and laughs].”

The saga which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning at a well-known Adelaide nightclub is a common occurrence according to local budding DJ, Bill Sharkz.

“You get these dudes who come in thinking they’re some sort of walking encyclopedia of EDM knowledge,” he said.

“No doubt they spend their week skipping media and comms classes, listening to Triple J and DJing in the bedrooms of their family homes.”

Friends admit Brad can be found at Adelaide clubs — Electric Circus, Mr Kim’s, the Fat Controller and Super California — nearly every Friday and Saturday night.

They remained adamant that his habit of wearing the same OBEY Clothing tee and a backwards cap is independent of his irritating behaviour.

Featured image (edited): Scott Sandars | Creative Commons



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