White men with tribal tattoos greet people in the politest way, survey shows

Language warning

White men who have one or more tribal tattoos are society’s politest greeters, according to a recent study.

Results from a survey conducted by an Adelaide research institution found an uncanny relationship between tatted-up males and the use of titles such as “chief”, “boss”, “champ” and “legend”.

But survey lead and head researcher, Dr Jonathan Rhodes admits the findings of the survey were as expected.

“I’m certain that many people in their various walks of life have been called a ‘boss’, ‘chief’ or ‘legend’ by an Everlast-wearing gym junkie with sleeve tats,” Dr Rhodes said.

“It can come across as quite condescending and intimidating, but I think most members of society should take these greetings as an act of respect and kindness on behalf of these testosterone-fueled males.”

One of the survey’s participants, 27-year-old sparky Andre, was unavailable for interview but willingly provided comment via text.

“Everyone thinks there [sic] a legend these days aye — a bloody madc_nt goin round doing fully sick shit,” Andre’s text read.

“So that’s why I give c_nts the chiefly title they deserve lmao.”

The Mankad‘s translation team have deciphered Andre’s text response as: “Many people live on a high horse and thrive on recognition for even the smallest of tasks, so I like to sarcastically remind them that they are just another ordinary person to me.”

Featured image: Scott1346 | Charles Roffey





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