Party unimpressed by bloke’s attempts to hijack the aux cord

Attendees of a local house party in Adelaide’s inner east over the weekend were left unimpressed by a bloke who was keen to change the playlist as soon as he rocked up.

Avid Triple J listener, surfer and budding photographer, Liam, 23 had only just cracked open his first stubby of Stone & Wood when he glanced over at the host and begged the question.

His eyes stood firm at the cord hanging loosely from the speaker, which also had a flashing bluetooth logo.

“Oi Michael do you know who’s on the tunes?” Liam politely asked. 

“Any danger I could change it up a bit?”

While Michael said he would go and check with his missus, another attendee who was enjoying the array of 90s classics was quick to shutdown the idea.

“Mate if you haven’t noticed, everyone’s enjoying the music,” Lucy, 26 who was in the kitchen pouring her sixth round of bubbles said.

“I’m pretty sure Sarah spent all of last week putting together a playlist — show some respect.”

Liam said he was “sorry he even asked” before spending the entire night complaining about how shit the music was.

Featured image (edited): Johnny Micheletto | Creative Commons | Creative Commons





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