Bloke sanctioned for massive send-off to colleague as he left the office

Local Adelaide accountant has found himself in potential trouble of losing 75 per cent of his week’s salary after giving a monstrous send-off to a colleague as he departed the office this afternoon.

As the clock hit 5pm signalling the end of the day’s play, Dave was the first to smack both ends of his laptop together and pack his briefcase.

With the weekend appearing ominous, he wasn’t afraid to let someone know he was excited for Friday beers on his way out.

“Fucking see you later champ!” Dave said to his colleague, as he bent down and flipped the bird right up in his grill.

“Time to get on the piss and enjoy the weekend.”

According to the victim, financial analyst Stephen, Dave proceeded to deliver a slap on the back — which violates the local firm’s harassment and work safety act.

Unfortunately for Dave, CCTV and the boss’s bluetooth headset also picked up his send-off remarks.

“I certainly think he hit me a little bit harder than it actually looked,” Stephen said.

“And I mean what’s the point in over-celebrating when you’re done for the week? You’re already the winner.”

According to the accountancy firm, Dave is required to report to the boss’s office by 8am sharp on Monday morning or he may be in danger of losing the week’s salary entirely. 

More to come.

Featured image: Twitter | Bradley Gordon



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