Woman ensures whole office knows she went on tropical holiday during winter

An Adelaide woman has returned home as a cultural guru after spending a week in a touristy third world country,

Marketing coordinator Ally, 30 and her partner Brett were in much need of a getaway.

After a thorough googling session they decided to spend some of their Aussie winter in the tropical island nation, the Maldives.

On returning from the trip, Ally made certain to go out of her way to educate everyone about the country.

“It’s pronounced Mawl-deevz, not Mal-dives,” Ally said to a colleague, David on her return to the office.

“Do you live under some sort of Western rock or something?”

Her colleague, David is sick of the shit.

“Maldives this — Maldives that. Blah blah blah,” David said (continuously pronouncing the country incorrectly).

“How about we focus on the urgent upcoming Annual General Meeting instead of how many ways a coconut can be used?”

Ally and her husband’s joint instagram has clogged followers’ feeds with throwback posts of the Maldives for over a week.

According to Ally, this is set to continue until the couple find their next exotic getaway.

Featured Image: Scubaspa Maldives 



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