Bloke still drinking goon well into his 20s attracts strange looks

Looks of disgust and horror were directed at a man on the weekend, after he was seen refilling his plastic cup with cask wine or “goon” at an Adelaide house party.

The man, Ash (26), had the audacity to plonk his $10 box of Fruity Lexia on the kitchen bench, alongside his 1.25L Deep Spring mixer.

“Oh my god is that actually what I think it is?” Katie asked as she spat her 2016 Barossa shiraz cabernet.

“That is fucking foul.”

While deemed acceptable behaviour during teenage years, Ash was like a fish out of water in the more mature environment of a 25th birthday celebration.

He remained oblivious to his goon-drinking ways and the growing judgement from all.

“Boys this is unbelievable!” Ash slurred.

“My goon has been sitting here unguarded all night and no one else has touched it. How good!”

Ash’s mate, Dan admitted he was surprised to see the box of Fruity Lexia on the kitchen bench.

“Ash does live in the past I guess. While we’re all starting to settle down, build our careers … he still loves getting on the circuit and chasing tail.”

“When he sees all us boys, I think it transports him back to high school days — the glory era.”

Dan who used to “drink goon with Ash almost every weekend” said he hasn’t touched the stuff in years.

“Yeah, I don’t know — I guess I actually started enjoying the taste of beer and just got around that,” he said.

“I also heard goon can cause brain damage or something, so yeah not too keen on that.”

Featured Image: Independent BackpacksandBunkbeds (edited)





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