Group of girls claim they’re not going on New Caledonia cruise just to upload bikini Snapchats

A Sydney hipster has branded a group of girls ‘basic’ after eavesdropping that they bought cruise tickets from Sydney to New Caledonia for the upcoming semester break.

Monty, 26, who works as a barista in Surry Hills, says he overheard the group talking about their upcoming plans and was dumbfounded by their sheer ‘basicness’.

“One of them just broke up with her long-term boyfriend — they’re practically using it as an excuse to get their rigs out on the top deck,” Monty said.

“Instagram this, Snapchat that — it’s all so trivial.”

One of the girls, Ruby, 20, admits she just needs a getaway from her two demanding jobs at Mimco and Boost, and the workload of her Marketing and Communications degree.

“I think the other gals [sic] would agree it’s more about coming of age and becoming more worldly,” Ruby said.

“I heard they speak French there [New Caledonia] or some shit, which is hell fancy.”

According to other sources at the cafe, the girls are planning to tag a different person each 24 hours, in order to maximise likes on their images.

Featured Image (left to right): Ricky Thakrar | Corey Balazowich



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