Stay-at-home Dad identifies as domestic Shane Watson

While he may not be padding up to bat at the MCG, house husband and father of three, Dave, 35, likes to believe he’s an allrounder of the domestic kind.

“I cook, clean, pack the missus’s lunch and make the beds,” Dave said.

“I’m a genuine allrounder — I’m practically Watto.”

While Dave enjoys his stay-at-home lifestyle, he says he refers to himself as ‘Watto’ to motivate him through the housework.

“I’m a bit guilty of muttering under my breath while I get the chores done,” he said.

“My kids often remind me I say things like ‘that’s another superb delivery from Watto’ when I drop them off at pre-school — I suppose it’s become a habit.”

Dave’s wife, Tracy, 33, admits she’s concerned about Dave’s behaviour and has started drawing the line on when and where using ‘Watto’ is appropriate.

“I’m worried Dave’s taking it a little too far,” Tracy said.

“The other night in bed when we were getting a little — you know — he started whispering in my ear things like ‘Watto’s smashed one straight through the covers’ and asking whether I was ready for the the ‘quicker one’.”

Against his wife’s wishes, Dave started to introduce his domestic persona to the outside world.

“I’ve started putting coffee orders under ‘Watto’ — same with when I get takeaway,” Dave said.

While Dave was never good at cricket, he continues to thrive in the domestic environment.

“I can’t bowl to save my life, but bloody oath do I know how to spin a mean bunch of washing.”

Featured Image: Stay at Home Dads | Naparazzi




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