Rich private school graduate who exclusively deals in drink cards claims he is an ‘entrepreneur’

Creative arts and promotional companies seem to be growing exponentially around the country.

A recent study shows the ‘companies’ are exclusively run by people between the ages of 16 and 24.

Adelaide private school graduate, Will, 19, is the self-proclaimed CEO of The Black Penguin Project, an ‘entertainment and social media marketing company’.

“I’m a photographer, DJ and nightclub promoter  — I own five different domains and technically co-own three companies — I see myself as an entrepreneur as opposed to unemployed,” Will said.

“Of course, most of the time I’m dealing in strictly drink cards, discounted entry and festival tickets for my clients.”

While Will studies a Bachelor of Marketing and Communication part time, he believes the current job climate doesn’t provide opportunities in traditional sectors.

And like any good, young entrepreneur, he likes to speak using big words for no apparent reason.

“I have a dream of opening a Mexican-themed establishment that has a barber, tattoo artist and cocktail lounge all in one — the concept merges three niche markets into one low-cost original design,” he said.

“I’m fairly sure it’s never been done.”

When we asked Will’s brother, Sam, 26, about his brother’s current job status, he described Will as an ‘obnoxious pinga-popping flog.’

“Oh Will? Nah he’s just a doorbitch at one of the nightclubs in town and occasionally jumps behind the DJs to point at random people in the crowd,” Sam said.

Will believes his brother is envious of his high-profile lifestyle.

“It’s funny cause he’s not the one that gets into Croquet Club or Super Cali for free,” Will said.

While he struggles for downtime in amongst his multiple business ventures, Will describes his career as a combination of work and leisure.

“Look, occasionally you’ll catch me on ASOS — or drinking a trendy session ale,” he said.

“But really, I consider myself lucky cause my work is my hobby.”

Will enjoys the perks of working in the entertainment industry and says he often reflects on the major turning points of his career so far.

“I had a beer with Sticky Fingers once.”

Featured Images: Netrino PhotographyPiotr Drabik



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