Man throws tantrum after bartender puts a straw in his drink

A grown-man has chucked a wobbly after a bartender placed a straw in his scotch and coke following the completion of his order.

Geoff, 53, who loves getting on the piss, is also known for being an absolute tosser to hospitality staff.

“I’m not a bloody poof mate, you can save em for the chicks,” Geoff said on receiving his strawed-drink.

He reportedly turned to his mates and laughed while making the statement, tossing the coke-drenched straw all over the bar top.

Other customers watched Geoff’s behaviour in disgust.

Bartender, Max, 18, says he felt quite intimidated and was very apologetic to the customer.

“It was just reflex — putting the straw in the drink. I normally only do it for girls,” Max said.

“It’s just I was on edge — cause he had already demanded Chivas Regal — pulled me up for serving him what he described as ‘not a full shot’ — before telling me how many cubes of ice and the amount of coke he wanted.”

Geoff’s mate, Mark, says Geoff retaliated in the only way he knows best.

“He demanded the poor sod make him another drink,” Mark said.

“We knew he was pulling his leg — ahh, vintage Geoffo.”

Featured Image (edited): Public Domain



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